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Vitalize your soil with Natural Soil VFS-1.
The  genesis  of Natural Soil goes back several years, when I personally resolved to develop a natural fertilizer to replace the environmentally-harmful mineral fertilizers that were used on our lawns, flower beds and vegetable growing areas.  Following numerous tests on my own property and on the land of friends and neighbours, it was generally agreed  that the formula was delivering truly remarkable results. In fact, when it was suggested by one of the testers that the product ‘vitalized the soil’ , ‘VFS’ was born and the decision to try and commercialize it was made.

With the help of  friends and contacts in countries around the world, tests were conducted in the U.K, West Africa ,South Africa, the Philippines and here in Canada. We tested for a wide range of vegetables and fruit, including peppers, mangoes, cocoa plants, tomatoes, carrots and onions.  Remarkably, all tests in all areas produced increased yields. In fact, anything  treated with VFS produced healthy soil,  giving  better results than the ' control' crop.

In Canada, a 7th generation farming family with approx 1200 acres of land, agreed to carry out a 5-year test plan for Soybean. The results averaged a 30% increase in yield (see web site) over the testing period.  A two year test on wheat showed a 15% increase in yield. Two adjacent farmers did trials for Soybean during 2013/2014 with similar results.
At the conclusion of all our testing, we can honestly say that Natural Soil, VFS

  • improves yields by 15%-30% , depending on the soil conditions,
  • does not contain Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • reduces run-off to waterways and
  • (where applicable) protects the Bee population.

To ensure buyers are aware they are using a safe product, Organic Certifications were obtained via OMRI for Canada/ U.S,  and Organic Farmers and Growers for the U.K. and the E.U.

In February 2015, VFS met all regulations for its sale in Canada and the Company is ready to launch the VFS  product and take on Distributors in all the Provinces.
The farming family who tested  VFS for us for the past 5 years has already signed up to be the first Distributor for Ontario.

For further information on Natural Soil Ltd. and our VFS product please visit our web site at

R. Alfrey

February 2015.


Natural Soil is pleased to announce that the new product VFS-1 has been approved by OMRI and conforms to the USDA-NOP standard for sale in the US.

The web site will be updated at some point to give further details for the use of this new product.

1st February 2012.



R.Tee Heron was involved in the golf industry for 45 years before retiring from Beacon Hall Golf Club in Aurora, Ontario, in 2006. For the past two years he has been building a beautiful home on Georgian Bay near Honey Harbour, Ontario.

As most of his friends and peers are aware, R.Tee was a past President of both the Golf Superintendents of Canada, and Ontario, and has a vast knowledge of the problems that face the average golf superintendent.

Over the years, he has made recommendations for new design and construction options at golf clubs, parks and athletic fields. He's planned, organized and supervised over 100 capital improvement projects with costs exceeding $5 million, as well as managed entire golf course maintenance programs.

During his seven years at Beacon Hall, R.Tee was first in Canada to successfully eradicate 'Poa Annua' using selective herbicides, and also for using protective winter covers on greens for earlier playing in the spring.

Having now finished building his house on the lake, R.Tee has decided to re-enter the golf industry to represent a new company called Natural Soil that has a 100% Organically Approved Fertiliser that is considerably less expensive than chemical fertilizers, with better results.

R.Tee commented, "I'm looking forward to a new challenge helping golf courses reduce their liquid fertilizer costs by as much as 50% by using this exciting new product from Natural Soil, which is proving a great success in the UK."


How Natural Soil is making the 'New Lawn' at Forest Green 'greener'

Since August 2008, Matt Rainey, the head groundskeeper at Forest Green Rovers FC in Gloucestershire, has been using an innovative new environmentally-friendly product on the pitch at their New Lawn Stadium, which is proving highly effective and is also saving the club money - a real win-win situation.

This 100% organic soil conditioner from Natural Soil is a balanced blend of nitrogen-fixing beneficial bacteria ('probiotic for soil'), micronutrients, vitamins, trace minerals and elements. The special formula has been developed to boost growth levels naturally by triggering biological processes in the soil that produce a better growing environment for the root systems. As a result, grass is given a new lease of life creating stronger, healthier and more robust turf - ideal for high wear areas.

In his regular reports, Matt comments: "So far I have used four applications and the results are all positive. Feed leaching has been greatly reduced. Within 72 hours of applying, the sward has increased to become tighter, healthier and denser. The roots are stronger, reducing pitch divots and correcting the poor subsoil. The only down side to the faster growth is the increased organic matter produced, which requires a little extra verti-cutting, but all the other benefits make it worthwhile."

Certified 100% organic, the liquid concentrate can be mixed and applied with chemical fertilizers and herbicides. However, for the microbial formula to work its magic, it's recommended that you use only half the normal feed. Even when the cost of the soil conditioner is factored in, it still provides substantial savings, as Matt can verify:

"The first three applications reduced our use of fertilizer by 18 bags of 12-0-9 and 60 litres of slow release 25-0-0, providing savings of 50% so far. Not only has it enabled me to reduce the amount of fertilizer I apply at any one time, but it also allows me to leave it 3 or 4 weeks longer between applications, saving time as well as making my budget stretch further. Holding back two applications enabled me to add extra feeds during the winter to top up grass colour. In the current credit crunch climate this great product supplied by Natural Soil has become a very good money-saver as well as a good new turf product. The grass is getting the correct nutrients when it needs it, which in turn makes the pitch more hard wearing. I'll continue feeding with Natural Soil to keep the nutrients balanced, as good surface density is essential to cope with 65 plus games this season.

"I think everyone will agree that both the team and the pitch did Forest Green Rovers' supporters proud in the FA Cup 3rd round tie versus Derby. The game went ahead despite the temperature having dropped to minus 7 degrees overnight. By the time the covers came off on the morning of the big match, the sun was out for the first time in seven days, which heated up the turf to 2 degrees and the referee passed the pitch fit to play. I was able just to stick a fork into the soil, which I can only think is partly due to the microbial activity raising the temperature a touch. Forest Green Rovers FC was the only local game to go ahead in the FA Cup, as Championship club Birmingham FC versus Wolves was called off due to a frozen pitch after they had also covered their pitch, and League One Cheltenham Town FC versus Doncaster was called off too. Both clubs had the same week's weather as the 'New Lawn' pitch at Forest Green Rovers!"