Natural solutions for groundskeepers

product data sheet

As you know, the key to healthy growth is healthy soil. VFS is a certified organic microbial Organically Approved Fertiliser that has been specially developed to restore the natural balance to soil and encourage stronger, deeper root systems. It delivers measurable results within just a few weeks, encouraging the vigorous growth of grass and plants. It can also be used for shrubs and trees. What's more, it cuts the use of chemical fertilizers by 50% - good news for you, your budget and the environment.

Not just organic, but 'certified 100% organic'
  • Faster and more robust growth in areas prone to wear.
  • 50% less fertilizer required to achieve the same or better results.
  • Greatly reduces contamination of ground water.
  • Ideal for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs).
  • VFS is a certified Organically Approved Fertiliser that has been certified 100% organic by Defra-approved certification body.